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Designed in cooperation with top Hollywood sound supervisors, CND’s solutions for film post production are used to streamline film-specific workflows and coordinate projects to completion. Centered around NetMix Pro and NetMix Server, CND’s film post solutions enable you to efficiently catalog, search, access, manage, archive and update your audio assets - sound fx, music, ADR, music, field recordings and anything else. CND's Project Manager helps organize and simplify complicated, time-sensitive projects.

Award-winning sound supervisors Mark Mangini (“5th Element”) and Richard King (“War of the Worlds”) rely on CND film post solutions for everything from sketching out “sound scripts” to coordinating their production teams.

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Sound supervisors use the powerful Project Manager in NetMix Pro to sketch feature films and organize their production team.

Clients that have benefited from CND post production workflow solutions include Technicolor, Disney, Pixar, Electronic Arts, Sony, Bayerischer Rundfunk, Warner, Canal+ and many more world-renowned facilities.

  • Technicolor
  • Pixar
  • Sony
  • Bayrischer Rundfunk
  • Disney
  • Canal+
  • Warner
  • Soundelux

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