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Introduction to Creative Network Design for Music Libraries

What does CND do that relates to music libraries?

One component of CND’s audio asset management systems is a searchable Music Library Database (MLDB). The MLDB houses all of the client’s music files and metadata on the client's server. CND assists music libraries on a case-by-case basis to optimize their metadata and music files for the MLDB. This ensures optimal search performance, data consistency, and accurate results on the client side. CND also helps music libraries to periodically update the client’s server with new music releases.testtest


Music Library Database

Why is CND contacting me?

Chances are that we have clients in common who use your music and have CND's audio asset management system. Clients request that their licensed music libraries are available and searchable in the MLDB. We prepared this introduction to CND so you know who we are when we contact you about mutual clients moving forward.

How does CND help us get our music into CND's system?

CND makes it very easy: Assuming you have your libraries on hard drive and metadata, CND handles the rest as follows:

  1. Client requests that CND make Music Library available in MLDB
  2. CND contacts Music Library on behalf of Client for license verification
  3. Music Library sends CND a hard drive or DVDs with:
    • a. music files
    • b. metadata
  4. CND prepares music and metadata for client’s MLDB

Your music is now optimized for search in CND's audio asset management system.

What are some of the Music Libraries and Clients CND has been working with lately?

CND has worked with APM, Killer Tracks, Firstcom, Videohelper, Extreme Music, MegaTrax, and many more to assist them in delivery of their music with optimized metadata. Most recently we helped deliver over 400,000 music files to FX Network as part of a system that enables music, sound effects, voice over search as well as audio archiving capabilities.

What does Creative Network Design (CND) do?

CND is contracted by top post, broadcast, film and video game companies worldwide to provide, maintain and service their CND audio asset management systems. We have installed over 2000 systems worldwide for clients including FX Network, BBC, Electronic Arts, NBC, Sony, Pixar and Technicolor.

Do you list music libraries on your website?

Yes, we feature and link to music libraries who work with us on our website.

Can I use CND products and services to manage my music?

Yes, some boutique production music libraries already use our web-based search interface and bundle our cross-platform NetMix application on their hard drives.

How can I get more information?

For general information, please see our website:

You can also email us:

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