NetMix PRO 5.4

NetMix PRO version 5

Music Library Management

ImageMusic Library Management

CND’s turnkey solutions for music library management standardize and simplify finding music and reporting usage enterprise-wide. CND first coordinates delivery of your music libraries in search-optimized format. All libraries are stored on a central server in a Music Library Database (MLDB). Users can then search, audition, transfer and manage both production and commercial music from client software and web interfaces.

Sound FX Library Management

ImageSound FX Library Management

CND provides turnkey solutions for managing sound fx libraries with ease and precision. First, sound fx libraries are cataloged in a search-optimized database. Using NetMix Pro, you can then search with pinpoint precision, instantly audition and transfer directly into Pro Tools, Nuendo, Avid, Final Cut Pro, Fairlight and more. CND offers two main types of sound fx library solutions:

Audio Archiving

ImageAudio Archiving

CND’s Audio Archiving solutions give you the ability to easily catalog, database and retrieve your own audio assets - sound fx, music, voiceover, ADR, music, field recordings, and more. CND provides tools to quickly catalog audio files in batch as well as individually on-the-fly from within Pro Tools. Once your files are cataloged in a database, you can instantly search, audition and retrieve for use in any production.

Pro Tools to Radio

ImagePro Tools to Radio Playout

Using MetaPlug Broadcast, Pro Tools users can ingest mixes directly into radio automation systems such as Dalet, DigaSystem, Scott32 and more.

Digital Music Services

ImageDigital Music Services

CND provides digital music services to music libraries and customers. Services include:


Live Audio Replay

ImageLive Audio Replay

CND’s TriggerPak is a reliable and flexible solution for instant audio replay in live television, radio, theatre and events. Triggerpak integrates your NetMix Pro sound library database with your playout set-up of choice.


ImageCustom Development and Consultancy Services


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