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CND’s Audio Archiving solutions give you the ability to easily catalog, database and retrieve your own audio assets - sound fx, music, voiceover, ADR, music, field recordings, and more. CND provides tools to quickly catalog audio files in batch as well as individually on-the-fly from within Pro Tools. Once your files are cataloged in a database, you can instantly search, audition and retrieve for use in any production.

Getting started

1. Get Your Audio Assets into a Database

There are two ways to get digital audio assets into a Database:

  • In Batch: Select multiple files,folders or entire volumes and drag and drop into NetMix Pro. You then import your own descriptive metadata using .csv or tab delimited files or enter metadata in NetMix Pro.
  • Pro Tools: using the MetaPlug Audio Suite plug-in for Pro Tools, you can select multiple regions in Pro Tools and immediately export it to a database. Pre-set and user-definable categories and naming conventions make on-the-fly archiving fast and simple.

2. Search, Audition, Transfer to Workstation:

Once your audio assets are in a database, any number of users can access them using a “Google-style” Boolean full-text search or advanced search modes. Auditioning is instant and comes with waveform overview. CND offers a simple web interface for music supervisors as well as powerful client software for editors who need direct integration with AVID, Final Cut Pro, Pro Tools, Nuendo, Fairlight and more.

3. Manage Your Database:

To avoid searching for sounds you use regularly, you can organize them in “kits” or "bins" for quick recall of multiple sounds. With the Project Manager, sound supervisors can organize sound fx by reels, scenes and spots in a multi-editor production working on a feature film. Librarians use powerful data manipulation features including text file import and batch functions. Administrators control access to the database with User Management and can generate usage reports.


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