NetMix PRO 5.4

NetMix PRO version 5

ImageLive Audio Replay

CND’s TriggerPak is a reliable and flexible solution for instant audio replay in live television, radio, theatre and events. Triggerpak integrates your NetMix Pro sound library database with your playout set-up of choice.

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Workflow and Interfaces

Getting started

1. Customize Your Playout Set-up:

TriggerPak is cross-platform software and can be completely customized. Extend it with your choice of audio interfaces, trigger interfaces, GPIO, networking and storage. TriggerPak supports JL Cooper interfaces with programmable LCD buttons. Each LCD button displays the name of a trigger, playtime and other status information.

2. Search Database, Assign Sounds:

Search your sound library database and use drag and drop to assign various sounds to different triggers. Save your favorite “kits” as Trigger Bins for later recall. Engineers can also drag and drop files directly from the desktop. Direct integration with audio editors like Pro Tools or Wavelab allow for quick editing of sound bites.

3. Replay Live:

Replay your sounds live on mono, stereo or surround.


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