NetMix PRO 5.4

NetMix PRO version 5

ImagePro Tools to Radio Playout

Using MetaPlug Broadcast, Pro Tools users can ingest mixes directly into radio automation systems such as Dalet, DigaSystem, Scott32 and more.


Getting started

1. Install MetaPlug Broadcast (AudioSuite plug-in)

2. Select Region, Assign Metadata

Select a region on the Pro Tools time line and use AudioSuite plug-in to assign metadata. A fully customizable data entry form for free form text entry, drop downs and value lists make metadata entry fast , simple and accurate.

3. Export to Radio Playout System:

Once you have assigned metadata, click one button to seamlessly transfer into Dalet, DigaSystem, Scott32 and more. MetaPlug Broadcast will transfer your audio file to a "hot folder" on a FTP server or copy it to a mounted network drive. The radio automation system automatically ingests the sound file, reads the the XML metadata created by MetaPlug Broadcast and makes the audio file and its metadata available in the production workflow.


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