CND NetMix System 5

CND NetMix System 5

Get a sneak preview of the CND NetMix System version 5 at NAB 2012:

  • NetMix PRO 5 - Ultimate Cross-Platform application for Music and Sound FX Library Management
  • NetMix WEB 5 - Browser Based Music Library Management
  • NetMix Plus - New Cross-Platform application specifically designed for Broadcast Networks and large multi-user installations with thousands of users
  • NetMix Server5 - Enterprise Database Server
  • Metacue - Cue Sheet reporting made easy

To learn more about Fully Serviced CND NetMix Systems including centralized content delivery for music and sound fx contact us.

Upgraded User Interface

The upgraded user interface of NetMix PRO 5 enhances navigation and provides a grand consistent user experience on Mac OS and Windows. Beautifully designed by one of the top GUI designers in the industry!

Upgraded Search

You can now sort search results by relevance ensuring that the tracks matching all of your keywords are listed first. Tired of listening to the same music tracks or sound fx ? Use the new Randomize function that shuffles your search results!

Avid Media Composer - Send Metadata to Bin

CND's new innovative and unique integration with Media Composer allows you to send audio and any metadata fields - like Title, Publisher, Composer, Description - from the CND NetMix System to a Bin. The editor can search and sort the new metadata columns in the Bin.

Cue Sheet reporting = Metacue

The new upgraded Metacue module allows for quick, easy and accurate music reporting. Cue sheets are created automatically or manually and exported to a PDF or text file. CND offers custom reports, custom layouts and integration with third party tools.

Multi Channel Waveform

The greatly enhanced new clip editor in NetMix PRO 5 displays a separate waveform for all channels in a polyphonic audio file : Stereo, 5.1 or 7.1. A unique new Solo function allows you to audition selected channels only and send them Pro Tools.

ReWire Channel Routing

The new ReWire engine in NetMix PRO 5 features 8 voices and customizable routing presets to route a mono file to voice 1 and 2 e.g. Channel routing can also mix down channels and adjust channel volume, allowing you to mix down 5.1 to voice 1 and 2 e.g.


Availibity & Upgrade Pricing

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About Creative Network Design
Creative Network Design (CND) creates integrated audio asset management and workflow solutions for the post, broadcast, film, and video game industries. Our integrated suite of products has streamlined workflows and increased production efficiencies for over 2200 clients worldwide. Solutions include:

- Music Library Management - Live Audio Replay
- Sound FX Library Management - Pro Tools to Radio Playout
- Audio Archiving - Digital Music Services

CND's products seamlessly integrate with Pro Tools, Nuendo, Avid, Final Cut Pro, Dalet, Fairlight, and many more professional DAWs. Our clients include world-renowned production facilities and award-winning studios such as BBC, Electronic Arts, Disney, Sony, Pixar and Technicolor. CND maintains offices in Emeryville,California.

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