NetMix PRO 5.3 released


CND is proud to announce the release of NetMix PRO 5.3 for macOS !


AAX Plug-in Audition in Pro Tools

NetMix PRO 5.3 now supports audition in Pro Tools for up to 24 channels using AAX plug-in technology.

Monitor the playback of Stereo or 7.1 Surround in NetMix PRO directly in Pro Tools with the AAX plug-in inserted on an Aux track.

Customizable output mapping allows you to route surround channels or to downmix surround to stereo.



Avid Media Composer 8.7 Integration

NetMix PRO 5.3 has been certified with Media Composer 8.7 and features improved metadata transfer.

Composer and Publisher metadata for music cues are now bundled in two columns for easy reporting.

Mark In and Mark Out set in the hi-res visual waveform clip editor of NetMix PRO can be transferred to Bin in Media Composer.

The audio file is transferred with full handles allowing the editor to trim the audio file or apply crossfades.


Multi-Channel Waveform Display

NetMix PRO 5.3.5 features on-the fly multi-channel waveform display on macOS 10.10 and newer.



Project Manager

NetMix PRO 5.3 features an upgraded Project side bar allowing you to organize and re-arrange sounds and folders better.
New features include:

  • unlimited sub folders per project
  • move folder to another folder
  • move sound to another folder
  • create new sub folder from a .m3u playlist file exported from iTunes



Metadata M4A - ID3v2.4

NetMix PRO 5.3 features improved compatibility reading ID3v2.4 metadata tags in .mp3, .aif and .wav files.

NetMix PRO 5.3 features improved compatibility reading M4A metadata tags in .m4a and .aif files.


macOS Sierra

NetMix PRO 5.3 has been digitally signed and certified on macOS up to version 10.12 (Sierra).



Pro Tools 12.7.1

NetMix PRO 5.3 has been tested and certified with Pro Tools up to version 12.7.1.



Download NetMix PRO 5.3

Installers are available right now for macOS !

Head over to the Download Area and select the installer for iLok or CodeMeter USB dongle. Click here to go to the Download Area




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