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New open XML metadata standard enables production music libraries to increase compatibility and usage of music tracks

Creative Network Design (CND), developer of integrated audio asset management solutions, today announced an open, standards-based XML metadata format for distribution of production music – code name: “Rome”.

The new open XML metadata standard allows embedding all relevant information about a music track (aka metadata) within the audio file such as title, category, publisher, composer, copyright, lyrics, pictures etc. The audio files with embedded open XML metadata are delivered to the client and the metadata can be read by any music library management system.

Using XML provides an open, transparent, plain text format that anyone can read with a wide range of tools. In contrast, other systems often generate black or proprietary metadata – restricting the use of music files with these systems.

CND developed the open, extensible XML metadata standard for the production music industry inspired by the “huge” success of the open, nonproprietary MP3 metadata format.


  • Based on XML industry standard
  • Open, nonproprietary, plain text format
  • 30+ metadata fields
  • Extensible architecture
  • Compatible with BWF, WAVE, AIFF, MP3 file formats


  • increase usage of music tracks
  • maximize compatibility of music files with any music library management system
  • decrease time and cost for preparing your music files with metadata for delivery to client
  • standard is wide open and free to any developer and content provider who wants to implement it

Specifications and free software tools will be available here shortly.

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