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How to download any 5 sound effects from the Pro Sound Effects Online Library:



1. Go to

2. Sign Up with your Creative Network Design Code:

CNDPSE2012 ($25 value, expires April 31st)

3. Search, Preview, Download from over 120,000+ effects


Pro Sound Effects Online Library Features:

• Composed of 7 Exclusive, World-Class Catalogs*

• 120,000+ Sound Effects with CND NetMix metadata

• Download as 24/96, 16/48, 16/44.1 .wav files or mp3

Embedded CND NetMix metadata for easy searching

• 100% Royalty-free

• Continually Updated

• Categories span the sonic spectrum from A-Z

*The Pro Sound Effects Online Library is composed of exclusive, world-class and complementary catalogs: Blastwave FX, BBC, Foundation, SONOPEDIA 2.0, Soundrangers, Sound Control SE and beyond…


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