Soundrangers use NetMix PRO

Soundrangers uses NetMix PRO!

The Soundrangers Sound Effects Hard Drive contains 21,117 sound effects and features pre-embedded NetMix PRO metadata. The library is delivered on a portable Glyph hard drive together with the NetMix Lite search software and includes 1 year of free sound effects updates. The Soundrangers library has been used for many years by such industry leading companies as Google, Nickelodeon, Microsoft, Cartoon Network, Adobe, HBO.


The hard drive is meticulously organized into intuitive hierarchical categories, searchable using the included NetMix Lite search software. The Categories include gameplay and user interface elements, foley, nature, animals, vehicles, weapons, looping ambiences, whooshes cinematic transitions and more. One shots are provided with multiple variations and precisely edited for easy plug and play and ambiences are pre-edited to loop – all in all, the Soundranger’s library features make it a rich sonic resource for interactive media, traditional media and beyond.

"As active sound designers working with clients daily we use this experience and design aesthetic when creating content for our library. From the beginning our goal was to create a unique and diverse sound library that addressed the needs of interactive developers. One feature of this is we pre-edit everything so end users can just drop the sounds into their game or interactive production. This approach also makes the sounds very easy to use in just about any type of project." - Soundrangers

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