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Project Management

  • Organize your selected audio files in Projects
  • Easily manage sounds in Projects and Playlists with comments, regions and pitch
  • Create "sound effects kits" and "My favorites" lists
  • Share projects with other users and control access to your projects (invisible,read,read&write)
  • Collaborate on projects in real time
  • Access Projects within the studio network and remotely over the internet
  • Simultanous access to Projects in NetMix Pro and NetMixWeb
  • Ultimate Project Manager for Sound Supervisors to organize large scale feature films by project,reels,scenes and spots


  • Enterprise level features
  • Central Database Server
  • Secure User Management
  • Table permissions for read,update,delete
  • Set Library restrictions to allow users limited access to certain music libraries
  • Logging of user logins, transfers, activity
  • Reporting of music usage
  • Backup and multi-site replication available


  • Customize the database to your needs
  • Create unlimited tables to organize audio files (e.g. sfx, production music, propietary audio assets, video)
  • Add unlimited custom fields
  • Integrate with scheduling software*

* Optional

Active Directory

  • Active Directory integration
  • Manage users and roles in Active Directory or LDAP
  • Manage users in Active Directory Groups
  • Active Directory authentication for NetMix PRO* and NetMixWeb**

* Requires purchase of NetMixWeb, AD module and installation, ** Requires purchase of AD module and installation


  • Enterprise configuration example
  • Music and sound fx are stored on a central server (Mac or PC) located in your office
  • NetMix Server is installed on the central server located in your office
  • NetMix Pro is installed on multiple client workstations (Mac or PC) and accesses the NetMix Server database and the audio files on the file server using the network
  • NetMixWeb* is installed on the central server to allow simple access to the sound library using a web browser
  • MetaCue** is installed on the server to allow automatic cue sheet reporting using EDL's
  • Click here to see a network setup

* Optional, **Optional, requires purchase of MetaCue module



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