"The Project Manager in NetMix Pro is my audio sketch pad" Mark Mangini, Technicolor

Film Post - Mark Mangini

“Movie sound, and all of moviemaking, is detail-oriented. The sound editing process is all about pulling together thousands of bits of minutiae to create a finished whole. I use NetMix Pro and the Project Manager for creative and organizational details; the very first thing that I do when I get a script is input it into the NetMix Pro Project Manager. I create the ‘sound script, because the Project Manager enables you to break this down into reels, scenes, spots and components in a library. That’s the first step. I have a sketch pad, so that whenever I have an idea, I can include it. I want ADR for a particular line; I heard a sound in the library and I don’t want to forget it. The Project Manager becomes my audio sketch pad. I thought I was a rather lonesome nutcase, tilting at the windmill of the Project Manager, until I heard that Richard King’s team uses it on ‘War of the Worlds’.”

Mark Mangini, Oscar-nominated Sound Supervisor , Soundelux

Note: Mark Mangini worked for Technicolor-Weddington before

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