"NetMix Pro is the lifeblood product of our editors" Siegfried Rossaert, VRT


“People used to give up their coffee breaks to search for specific sounds. Now, they just use NetMix Pro and click the mouse and they can find twenty sounds which could be used for the program they’re editing. Before we installed NetMix Pro, you had to look up sounds in a vast library of CDs. Now, the process is instantaneous. This is a major difference for our sound editors and sound designers. We have several popular crime series that are running on VRT now, and the editors for these shows use NetMix Pro all the time. I had the server on which NetMix Pro was installed running continuously for four months before I shut it down last week for maintenance. Almost immediately, I received complaints from various editors that they couldn’t use NetMix Pro, their lifeblood product. They literally couldn’t do their work without it. We can handle NetMix Pro the way we want. Other systems are closed whereas, with NetMix Pro, if I want to expand storage, it’s not a problem. Similarly, I can expand with both Mac and PC platforms. The manipulation of other databases which can be implemented is also a key consideration for VRT. We can adapt our database for metadata creation, as well. Through NetMix Pro, our mixers and sound designers have access to about 65,000 sound effects. That’s quite a lot of material from which to work. We will also add the music libraries to the NetMix Server and install NetMix Pro in our Avid Suites [PC].”

Siegfried Rossaert, Application Engineer, VRT Vlaamse Radio-en Televisieomroep Belgium


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